It is somewhat strange that this important body of water located within the Golden Triangle (Rideau Canal, St. Lawrence, Ottawa River) which is recognized as one of the finest cruise routes in Canada and within the fourth largest city in Canada, does not yet have the service found anywhere else.

All this is explained by two historical factors. The Ottawa River was sprinkled with sandbanks, and logging operations.

However, construction of the Carillon dam solved the first problem by flooding the vast majority of sandbanks within eight to ten feet of water, while the logging operations also ceased.

For several years, many regional stakeholders, institutional, and some private companies have recognized the need for a marina to meet the needs of boaters on the Ottawa River.

Already in 1978, a group of boaters had identified the site of the Park Sanscartier as particularly conducive to the establishment of a marina. However, at that time, the water pollution level was very important. This situation was resolved by the opening of the regional sewage plant in Gatineau.

In February 1983, Francis Lavigne submitted the marina project to the city of Gatineau, the first joint committee comprising the three founders, Francis Lavigne, Bernard and Pierre Belec Larose was formed May 11, 1983 following a Memorandum of Understanding between the city of Gatineau and the club Kitchissipi.

To realize this project, a nonprofit club was therefore incorporated by boaters involved, which is the Yacht Club Kitchissipi or if you prefer 'Marina Kitchissipi' which was amended in 1985 for the name 'Marina Kitchissipi de Gatineau'.

The word Kitchissipi means 'Blue Heron' or 'Spirit of the great river' in Native American language.